When I first started thinking about a blog (a year ago…oops) I had 100 ideas of what direction I wanted to go. Fast forward to today, and VeggieSoles is finally born. Maybe you’re a runner. Maybe you’re a vegetarian. Maybe you’re just bored surfing the Internet at all hours of the night, or is that just me? Either way, I’m glad you’re here! Follow along on my running journey, the search for the best vegetarian meals, and everything in between.
I’m a runner…ish. I’m FAR from some of the fabulous runners you see on Insta. Those guys and gals are what goals are made of! I’m just not there…yet. My running journey began when I was 24. It started out with an awkward attempt of me getting sick of the elliptical and deciding to try to run on a treadmill. News flash. It went GREAT. I could not run a mile if a bear was chasing me while I ate a PBJ, or in my case, a cupcake. Rewind to the last few times I had “run” a mile. Embarrassing days of PE from 5th grade, trying out for athletics in junior high, and high school cheer conditioning. Seriously, why did we have to run stairs? I can barely walk up them without missing a step, there’s certainly no need to RUN up them. Don’t even get me started on my athletic abilities. The real comedy comes during a game of beach volleyball or an afternoon round of golf. I’m still waiting to be picked to play on someone’s kickball team. Bueller, Bueller, Bueller? We will get into my hobbies of making a fool of myself later.

Let’s get back to running. Night after night I would show up and run what I could. I don’t remember when I finally ran a mile without stopping, but I do know that it took well over 12 (maybe 14) minutes and I was tomato red by the end. Success! A few weeks later, I got engaged to my now husband and knew I wanted to step up my efforts at the gym for our wedding. I’m married to one of those long-legged wizards that shows up for a 10K having not trained and runs the half marathon instead, probably stopping for a beer or a donut along the way. Did I mention placing 2nd in his age group? Meanwhile, I’m galloping along with legs too short for my body, debating at mile 5 if a bowl of queso is in fact an appropriate breakfast. Adulting. Follow along as I start training for my 2nd and 3rd half marathons fueled by queso, ice cream, pizza, and heck, maybe even some veggies.

Thanks for stopping by!

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