All the Quinoa

Quinoa. A few years ago, I had never even tried it. Now, it’s a staple to my lazy meal prep routine. Trust me, if I have to spend an entire Sunday in the kitchen to meal prep for the week, I’m not doing it. Nope. Sorry. 
A few weeks ago, I was feeling super ambitious. I don’t always meal prep, but I felt like we needed to get our lives together that weekend, so we could get a head start on a soon to be busy week. I’m also not the primary grocery shopper, but there I was at Target and stuff just started jumping into the buggy. It happens to all of us. Granted, I prefer when that happens in the clothes, shoes, or home decor section, but I won’t fight it. A very randomly filled cart later, (and no ice cream!), I finally emerged and headed home to start on 2 different quinoa bowls. 
Both bowls turned out delicious. I made a Mediterranean bowl and a Southwestern bowl. There was only 1 problem. I portioned out the Mediterranean mix for lunches and left the Southwestern mix in a large container and forgot about it. For a week. Don’t worry, it was still fine when I remembered it. I realized that I should have just made a big batch of quinoa…and then prepped all the toppings for the respective bowls and assembled individually. Duh.
That brings me to today’s post. Quinoa bowls are SO EASY. Sure, some are a little more complicated and time-consuming, but they don’t have to be. Plus, they are so easy to make ahead and grab for lunch or dinner. And, lesson learned, if you prep all the components, you can just throw them together when you decide what flavor you want that day. We happen to have 3 bags of quinoa in the pantry. Go ahead and settle in for a few more bowls coming your way in the next few weeks, including a breakfast option!
Like I mentioned earlier, I’m a bit lazy when it comes to meal prep. I usually wait until Sunday afternoon to decide to cook, and I like to be in bed early. Excuse me, but 8 PM is a perfectly acceptable bedtime for a 30-year-old. Judge me.
Basic Southwestern Quinoa Bowl
2/3 c. cooked quinoa
1/3 c. cooked black beans/onions/taco seasoning 
2 diced sweet peppers in the brightest colors possible (because, why not)
3 diced sweet tomatoes (the only kind of tomatoes I will eat, but we will get to that later)
Guacamole drizzle
*2 tbsps of corn would usually be in here but we were out this week so YOLO (is that still a thing?)
I wanted to expedite the meal prep this week and had no idea what seasonings we were running low on/out of, so I did not make my own taco seasoning this time.

Lifehack #1: I used a pre-packaged guacamole and mixed it with plain greek yogurt to make it a bit creamier and drizzled it over the bowl. High five for me.

You could also add salsa, sour cream, green onions, jalapeños, etc. I just used what we had on hand but there are so many combinations and every bowl can be as similar or different as you like!

Thanks for stopping by!

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