Not Your Average Turkey Trot

Hopefully, by now, you have had a chance to read my race recap on my first half marathon. If not, read it here first! I’m planning to change a few things when I start training (Monday!!) for the Thanksgiving Day Half Marathon in Atlanta!
What went wrong?
I wore leggings. And a pullover. In fact, I might still be sweating. I ran with a pacer WAY above my training pace. I did almost zero strength training and my legs FELT it. I couldn’t walk normally for 2 days for fear I’d fall right over. It took a week before I tried to run again.
What am I doing differently this time?
I’ve cut leggings out of my life entirely. Okay, fine. I’m kidding. I bought a pair this week because FALL is coming! Actually, it’s August in Texas so clearly, I’m hallucinating. But I will not be wearing them for running. Maybe to yoga. Maybe for running on a record-setting blizzard warning December day.  Maybe for learning how to train your dragon (in my case, my dogs.) But certainly not for a race day that is 60 degrees or warmer by 8 AM. Lesson learned.
Adrenaline is great for race day. I’m pretty sure it carried me for almost the entire race. Running with friends who were faster than me also definitely kept me going. But wait!! What about this next race when it’s just going to be me and 9,997 other runners I have never met, and the two I do know run way faster than me? And on a holiday, no less! I hope those pacers are looking for a new bestie because I’m going to find one and park next to them for the whole race. Hi new friend! But seriously. I realized I could have trained at faster paces. So, I’m throwing in one day of speed work per week to whip this bod into Speedy McSpeederson shape. And hill repeats. Because apparently, the South is NOT flat. Contrary to my original belief. Your mind is blown too. Atlanta is supposedly just one gigantic hill. Who tricked me into this race?! Oh, you thought your biggest fear was marrying into a family that runs 5k’s on holidays?! These fools are running a half. Case closed. I’ll be having two pies for dessert, thanks.
A few months ago I took the plunge and hired a personal trainer. I am not one of those naturally gifted weight room users. Just watch me try to figure out how to swap out the v-bar after Hercules has wandered off. Or better yet, let me try and adjust the seat on a bike before spin class. I can operate a treadmill though…so I have that going for me. I like to hide in the corner of the fitness studio room and do arms/legs/abs after my run when I’m the only person there on a Friday night. So, as you can tell, I needed some help. I started working with my trainer two days a week to learn WHAT to do and HOW to use the equipment/proper form/weight etc. I’m also getting back into body pump and trying to incorporate more yoga. I replaced cross training and strength training days during my first half training plan with extra days of running. Stop your eye roll. It SEEMED like a good idea at the time. But when I reached that giant hill towards the end of the race and my quads were lashing out irrationally, I knew I should have trained a bit differently.
I learned a few lessons and I’m hoping to make some improvements with my adjusted training plans. If you have any good speed workouts, send them my way, please!
Thanks for stopping by!

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