Nuts About Tofu

You know those weeks when you are trying to cook everything in your fridge because you refuse to go grocery shopping? It’s definitely one of those weeks here! 
I did not do a ton of meal prep this week so I scoured the fridge in hopes something would jump out, already made. Guess what? It didn’t work. But I did spot some extra firm tofu, 2 opened jars of peanut butter, leftover quinoa, and an almost full cans worth of coconut milk. I spy with my little eye some soy sauce, too. Peanut sauce and tofu?! Perfect!
Let me back up about 5 minutes ago. We buy natural peanut butter that has to be refrigerated after opening. It’s my nightmare. Getting cold peanut butter out of a jar is how horror stories begin. So, most of the time, I just open it and casually move on to the next jar (my husband is reading this and going OHHHH, IT MAKES SENSE NOW!) So, a chance to heat this peanut butter up and actually use it? Yes, please!
I am a baker, Not a chef. So,  bear with me on these cooking adventures. I don’t always measure. Unless you count “ish” as a unit of measure in the kitchen, in which case, we’re good.
Easy peanut sauce + tofu
1 c. ish of peanut butter 
1 can of coconut milk
2.5 ish teaspoons of soy sauce 
Water to thin
Extra firm tofu
I threw a cast iron skillet on top of my tofu to press out the water while I was making my peanut sauce, so I’d like a high-five for multitasking. I put a small pan on the stove on medium-low heat and threw in my ingredients. I let it sit for a few minutes, checked my tofu, checked my Instagram, did laps around the kitchen to get my steps in, and whisked once everything was warm enough to combine into a creamy sauce. 
I added some coconut oil to a pan on medium heat, cubed the tofu into bite-sized thin pieces, and added the tofu to the pan. Once the tofu browns, flip it. A few minutes on each side. Meanwhile, I forgot my poor peanut sauce was over here just simmering away. Don’t do that. Keep an eye on it. I had to add a little more water to get back to a creamy sauce consistency. Oops. Then, I just poured the sauce directly over the tofu. 
SPOILER ALERT. MAJOR FAIL. Next time, I will pull the tofu out and then just drizzle some sauce on it as I’m serving the crispy tofu. My once brown and crispy tofu turned into less crispy pieces. It was still absolutely lip smackin’ delicious, but not as pretty and certainly not as crispy. I had leftover quinoa, baby spinach, and sweet peppers in the fridge, so they rounded out the mushy but delicious tofu meal.
I didn’t follow a recipe for the peanut sauce. All the sauces I could find had brown sugar/honey/agave and we didn’t have any on hand. Plus, peanut butter is already so sweet it didn’t need anything else with the coconut milk!
Check back soon for more adventures in the kitchen. I was 8 days ago years old when I learned how to make kale. So, there’s that.
Thanks for stopping by!

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