Lazy Vegetable Pasta Bake

Let’s just take a minute and celebrate that we made it to Friday! The first week back from vacation has been a mix of not enough sleep, wishing we were still on vacation, and feeling glad to be home. And lots and lots of coffee. How much is too much? Asking for a friend.
We had a few odds and ends for groceries when we got back last Friday from our trip, and we weren’t feeling up to a grocery store adventure, so we made do with what we had until last night. Then we finally caved and grabbed a few necessities. Whatever made it in the buggy after we wandered around, post-gym sesh looking (and smelling) awesome, will be turned into some hopefully delicious meals over the next week. Hubs whipped up some bowtie pasta to pair with his dinner and I have been wanting to use these bags of frozen veggies I bought a few weeks ago. What to do?! Vegetable pasta bake! 
I go through these phases where I buy ALL the frozen vegetables. Fresh is better. Sure. But what about the days that you are so busy you don’t have time to dice the veggies, clean the cutting board, wash the knife, etc. Or the days you’re just feeling lazy. No judgment here. Enter frozen veggies. The problem? I buy them and forget we have them and see more on sale. And buy those too. I need all of these things out of my freezer, into a dish, and pronto. No time for measuring. 
Lazy Vegetable Pasta Bake
Vegetables – I used carrots, corn, green beans, and lima beans. You could use any veggies you want but this is what we had on hand.
Pasta – I’m pretty sure any pasta would work for this. I used bowtie pasta since it was already cooked. Bonus. Thanks, hubs.
Sauce – I used basil pesto, but again, use what you like!
Cheese – Optional (Jokes. Add cheese. ALWAYS add cheese.)
Diced avocado – I added this right before I was ready to eat!
I preheated the oven to 375F. Then, I grabbed a casserole dish and started dumping frozen (but thawed) veggies into said casserole dish. Like I said, no time to measure. Just put in however many vegetable servings you like. Then I poured some cooked bowtie pasta on top. I scooped little pods of basil pesto sauce over it and stirred it all in the casserole dish. No extra bowls. Just this casserole dish and a giant mixing spoon. This was precisely the moment I realized I should have taken my cooked pasta out of the fridge and tried to let it come closer to room temp or at least separated it, but it’s okay. I lost a few bowties with some aggressive mixing. No big deal. I poured some cheese on top to complete the lazy veggie pasta bake, put it in the oven, and 19-21 ish minutes later it was done! I added diced avocado on top to take this easy meal to the next level. As only an avocado can.
You could change this recipe and add meat, more veggies, customize toppings and serve with a sauce on top if you prefer. I kept it SUPER simple but it’s such a versatile recipe! I’d love to hear how you make it!
This dish was so easy and was perfect for those busy weeks and lazy nights. Hurry up, weekend!
Thanks for stopping by!

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