Ready to Run?

Okay, so we covered some tips for beginner runners here so be sure to check that post out too. But, then I had a few questions come in about ACTUALLY starting running. When do you find time to run? Where do you run when you don’t know your pace/if you like running/what surfaces to run on etc.

Let’s just assume you’re brand new to running. You have seen other people running at the gym or on the track or the sidewalk in your town but you just haven’t tried it yet. Well, what’s stopping you?! Tie your shoes and go!! 

Should you run on a treadmill? A track? Outside? Maybe on a trail?!

The options are endless but your access to the above may be limited. If you don’t have a treadmill at your house or your gym, take it outside! Look for a local school track during off-season/after school times and if you live somewhere near trails then you definitely have options as far as different surfaces and possibly some additional challenges that trail running can introduce. I stuck to a treadmill and the street near my apartment when I started running. Now, it’s basically a death wish running down the street in my current town because some drivers don’t feel that speed limits or driving in their lane apply to them. So, if you do run outside, safety first. Always pay attention to your surroundings and if you’re on a street with cars/bikes/scooters be extra careful! And for the love of tacos, don’t wear headphones when you’re running outside. That’s a whole separate topic but safety first!

I know a few people are anti-treadmill. Don’t hate! Treadmills offer quite a few benefits. I like a treadmill that has a fan because our gym is usually extra melty and the humidity is unreal. A treadmill is also good for speed workouts/hitting specific paces, adding in some hills if you live somewhere particularly flat, and depending on the hours of your gym or if your treadmill is at your home, some added flexibility for time constraints and escaping the treacherous weather. Until you lose power from the said weather. In which case, just give up. Take a rest day. Don’t be the crazy person running through the lightning. Not smart.

Our schedules are all so busy, how do you fit in running on a consistent basis?

This one is easy. Put it on your calendar. Don’t cancel on yourself. I have to run X miles today. It’s a date and it would be rude to cancel on yourself. There, problem solved. You’re welcome.

I get it. You’re tired. Your work is stressful, you have a commute, your kids have soccer games in 2 different towns, and you’re way behind on your Netflix and chill sessions. I mean has anyone even fed the dogs today? The struggle is real. Sure, the vegetate life on the couch sounds great. But how is that helping you reach your goals? If you have time to Netflix, you have time to run. Waking up before sunrise is a great time to knock out your sweat sesh. It will be so early you won’t even know what’s happening and you’ll be done with your workout for the day. Have half a donut. You did great. Sacrifices are just part of training schedules. If you really want to fit a run (or any workout) into your day, you will make the time, not excuses. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to run at weird hours, run half in the morning/half at night, or move runs around in the week to fit them in with life (basically I’m referring to taco and margarita nights). #priorities

Should you follow a plan? Should you download an app to start running? What if you have to stop to walk?
This question is completely a personal preference related answer. Either way, I do recommend having SOME sort of plan when you’re starting out. Some days I barely make it through 1 mile and other days running feels like a breeze. No matter what your training plan/app says, some days will just be easier than others. If you do choose to follow a training plan or an app, stick to it. If you get through a week and realize it was still too hard or you struggled with a particular mileage, consider duplicating that week. You don’t want to start as a new runner and get discouraged because you don’t feel like you’re improving, or worse end up injured. 

If you need to alternate run/walk intervals to complete your mileage that’s totally fine. I used to be so awkward (even more so than I am now!) I used an app when I first started running and when she would say “walk” and a car would be going by I would keep running because I didn’t want this random car to think I couldn’t run anymore. Umm. What. Yea. I know. The cars, the bikers, the runners, the walkers, whoever and whatever else is going on around you during your run don’t care if you have to take a walk break or slow down.

Good luck getting started and send me more of your questions!

Thanks for stopping by!

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