A Week Before The Race

I’m gearing up to run my 2nd half marathon this weekend! Originally, my 2nd half wasn’t going to be until Thanksgiving day, but we signed up for this one to hang out with friends so it’s more of a fun run/training run! 
Technically, my long run this week is a 10 miler. So, I have 2 possible plans for Saturday. 
1. Run my 10 miles as planned and run/walk the last 3 miles depending on how my legs feel.
2. Run slow and steady and run the entire race if possible. 
I’m not feeling super stressed about this race since we agreed to use it as a training run. I am HOPING I can run the whole thing though! I’m doing a few things to help feel as prepared as possible.
  • Drink all the water. I’m not a natural at this and have to make it a point to drink several bottles of water throughout the day, but especially the week before a race! An extra coconut water here and there to help with hydration as well is certainly happening this week. I’m basically a coconut at this point. Not mad about it.
  • Get 7+ hours of sleep every night this week. I struggle with this. Some nights I sleep for 9+ hours. Sometimes less than 6. It just depends, but I’m trying really hard this week. Especially since we have a long drive on Friday morning and I don’t want to be a zombie for what is sure to be a fun weekend!
  • I switched my 5 miles (race pace) to Monday night. This is a few days earlier in the week than originally planned so I have enough recovery time before Saturday! 
  • I’m doing all the stretches and all the foam rolling I can this week. If I were a billionaire, I’d also spring for a daily massage. Maybe next time. Like after I win the lotto this week. #takeallmymoney
  • I’m taking a rest day Friday so I can make sure my legs are as rested as possible for Saturday! And eating all the pasta. How soon is too soon to carb load? Asking for a friend. 
  • I have reviewed my training plan so I can see all the miles, rest days, and training sessions I have put in so far. Maybe that’s crazy but seeing it in print reminds me I have put in the work. Running. Such a mental game. 
  • I have reviewed the course map (since I’m not familiar with the area) so I will know where the water/first aid/bathrooms are on the course. I didn’t see a gummy bear station so I’ll pack a few of those just in case. I didn’t see a champagne station on the course either though. Tragic.
  • I already told my trainer we can’t do legs this week. Seems legit. 😂
Less than a week ’til we are visiting Austin!

Thanks for stopping by!

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