Friday Favorites: Week Two

Last week, I started a mini-series of some of my favorite running accessories/gadgets! This week I’m focusing on some items that are specific to safety or keeping things you may need close by!

I don’t care where you run, who you run with, or what time you run. If you are running outside, get some mace. Stranger danger safety is obviously very important. Also, as a fur mom that spends the entire morning telling the little nuggets how adorable they are, few things are more terrifying than a dog chasing you during a run. Especially the little ones at ankle height. Seriously. I have been chased by a poodle, a shelter special, 3 little chihuahuas, and seen countless large dogs just waiting to jump their fences. I love puppies more than life itself, but if a dog starts attacking me you better believe I will spray it with mace. Have you ever looked at a little dog’s razors?! I mean teeth!! Baby jaws. Case closed.

I like the jogger’s mace that wraps around your hand so it’s easy to hold onto while you run. I run with this one and it can be found in your local sporting goods store!

Run Belt
You need a belt that holds ALL the things! I mostly bring my run belt when I’m out of town so I have a phone/ID/money when I’m running in a new place or on a long run when I need an ID and health insurance card just in case. Or gummy bears. Whatever. You’re ready to go out and about and have everything you might need! Be sure you don’t overfill when you close the zipper. I have heard horror stories about people losing their keys this way. By horror stories, I mean one I was directly involved in. Just another lap to look for the keys, they said. It will be fun, they said.

I found my run belt during an Amazon Lightning Deal and it’s no longer available but I like this one here and mine is basically a dupe of that! 

If you run before sunrise or after sunset (or your run will overlap one of those) bring/wear something that has lights/reflective material. I have almost hit so many (insert name calling) runners that had ZERO reflective gear or lights on while they were running in the morning and it irritates the fudge out of me. Don’t be that person. Running with your dog? Stick a blinkly light on them, too. We have a box of these that we grab and go and the light is blinding, so they are basically perfect. Hint, don’t stare directly at them. 
Thanks for stopping by!

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