Hill Country Halloween Half Recap

I can hardly believe it, but my 2nd half marathon has come and gone! We signed up for this one as a training/fun run so I had basically zero stress going into it. Thank goodness because “mostly flat course”…we determined THAT was a lie. 
Here’s how the weekend went! We drove down to Cedar Park Friday morning so we could enjoy most of the day with our friend and get in a good hearty meal before an early bedtime. By hearty meal I mean we stopped for a morning coffee, then stopped an hour later for another coffee and ended up getting some sort of muffin covered in powdered sugar, and rounded out the morning with a trip to Buc-ee’s for a cookie and a coconut water. Basically, we were nutritional representatives for what not to do with your life. Whatever. 
I’ll do a full recap of our Austin weekend but just know that we ate some DELICIOUS food before and after the race! 
Now, back to the half. We decided on race day packet pickup. It was a little breezy in the A.M. but I knew it would warm up and I would be way too toasty to run in a pullover so I braved it in shorts and a tank. Excellent decision on my part. The race started and I tried to focus on not starting out too fast. I planned for a casual jog for 13 miles but my legs felt pretty good and it was a beautiful day. I was aiming to finish around 2:30 so I could leisurely jog and not feel awful for the next few days since I have a half on Thanksgiving that I am still training for. A few miles in and I noticed I was comfortably running by the 2:20 pacers so I stayed a little ahead of them for the first 7 miles. Side note – I ran my fastest 10k in a race! 
Somewhere between mile 7 and mile 8, I realized we were ascending a (large to me) hill. And that we had also been running a few hills the whole way. WOAH. Pump the brakes, I said. Or in my case, slam on the brakes. I looked at the hill and realized I did not want to not be sore for the entire weekend/week. So I walked up the hill. For the next few miles, I ran/walked depending on whether I was going up or downhill. If this hadn’t been a training/fun run race, I would have just run REAL slow up those hills. But, I also realized I still have 3.5 weeks of training before Atlanta and I wanted to properly train without losing several days this week to rest and recovery. Who knew a half that has “Hill Country” in the name would have so many hills? #facepalm
I definitely think continuing strength training through this half training plan has made a world of difference from my half last November. My legs were a bit sore Saturday afternoon but nothing like last time. A quick power nap and we were good to go for the afternoon and I honestly felt pretty decent the rest of the day. 
Somewhere around 12.5 miles, I felt a sharp pain in my foot. I was hoping it would go away soon but it also stopped me at 1.25 miles Monday night on my first run since Saturday. So, not sure what that is. Hopefully, some rest and an aspirin will fix that! 
Overall, the Hill Country Halloween Half was AWESOME and I highly recommend it! The course was so well-marked, plenty of water stations, bathrooms along the course, and the volunteers were great! And some of the views were absolutely beautiful! They also had the FaveReds Starbursts at registration which became my post-run snack – winning! The finisher medal and t-shirts were also pretty neat! Special shout out to my cheering crew!! Y’all were the best part of the race!
Time to get back to training for the Thanksgiving Day half in just a few weeks! I plan to train as many hill repeats as I can before Atlanta. 
Time: 2:25:58
Thanks for stopping by!

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