Sweet Potato Curry Tacos

Happy Sunday! A short and (SWEET potato) post today! Okay, y’all. I love tacos. That’s a given. I also love curry. Recently, we had a huge batch of sweet potato curry that the hubs had whipped up on a Sunday, and we had eaten it for a few days. It was delicious with a little dollop of Greek yogurt, a drizzle of coconut milk, or served on rice or quinoa. But after a few days, I wanted something different.
It was at this point I realized I wanted some naan to go with it. A good hearty carb to scoop up all the sauce. Sadly, we didn’t have any in the house. BUT. We had flour tortillas. A little avocado oil (duh!) and a quick pan fry for the tortillas and I was enjoying some freaking good tacos!
This recipe is the most similar base we used to make the curry. Ours also included coconut milk and what’s in the fridge veggies but the fact that you can make it in a crock pot?! WINNING. It also makes enough to get several meals out of it throughout the week. Double win. Excuse me while I whip up a batch for this week. Maybe a coconut curry this time?!
Thanks for stopping by!

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