No Sweets. No Cheese. No Alcohol.

No sweets. No cheese. No alcohol. I don’t make resolutions, but in January 2018, I gave up these 3 things for a month. Sweets and alcohol were easy enough to cut out but CHEESE?! Turns out, thirty-one days without all 3 isn’t THAT hard. The first few days were a little brutal because I found out real fast that cheese was, in fact, a staple food group in my life. Pizza, tacos, breakfast scrambles, cheese boards, and the list goes on. Oh, and even my favorite sandwiches for lunch either had brie or cream cheese. And pasta…bye alfredo. I cried on the inside. Then I put my big girl britches on and went on about my January. 
Giving up sweets after a month of holiday celebrations was easy peasy. Sure, I saw a few pieces of cookie cake that looked DELICIOUS and going to birthday parties and various celebrations was a bummer when I’d see a good dessert that I knew I would be skipping, but I got over it and stayed strong. 
Same thing with alcohol. After Thanksgiving wine, Christmas eggnog, and New Years champs, I was basically over the adult beverages. January happened to be a busy month of celebrations for our friends so my husband ended up with a built-in DD. It was all good. 
Back to the CHEESE. Y’all. There’s cheese on everything. But after a few days of figuring out how to still eat tacos without cheese (WHAT?!?!), pizza without cheese (okay, bread with toppings), and veggie sandwiches with no ooey gooey cheese to hold it all together, I turned out just fine. Who knew you could eat asparagus without parmesan sprinkled on top? Mind-blowing.
I wasn’t too sure when I started the month of no sweets/cheese/alcohol how it would go. There were days I definitely wanted a cheese plate for dinner, a cupcake for breakfast, or champagne after a long run, but swapping those things out for something else became a habit. 
I was so impressed that I didn’t give up on my January goal last year that I decided to do it AGAIN this year. Yes, yes I know. It was 70 degrees and sunny in Texas this past weekend and a patio and a cold beverage sounded oh so delightful. But, so did sticking to my January plan. It’s not always easy but at the end of the day, I’m always so proud of my self-discipline and (sometimes) making healthier choices. Don’t judge the amount of garlic butter I put on my artichoke dippers though. YOLO.
So, I’m one week into my January 2019 reset. So far, so good! Last year, I ended up losing 7 pounds over the month, but considering the diet of Christmas cookies and eggnog going into the end of the year, that wasn’t surprising. 
I don’t have any expected outcomes from the goal, aside from the goal itself, but maybe that’s what makes it so easy for me to stick to. Well, that, pretzels, and pistachios to get me through when I really want to add cheese to my life. I thought about REALLY testing my willpower and filling my candy bowl on my desk with all my favorite candies but maybe that’s a bit aggressive. I’ll give it another week. 😂
Don’t get me wrong. I love a good challenge/test of my willpower, but February 1st you’ll find me eating queso.

What are some of your goals for January and 2019? Be sure to follow along on Instagram @veggiesoles for more!

Thanks for stopping by!

May or may not be leftover garlic butter on the calendar. Oops.

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