Sweet Potato and Zucchini Tacos

If your fridge is anything like ours, it’s probably filled with things you just threw in the buggy while you wandered aimlessly through the grocery store. Maybe you had a semi-vision of meals that you wanted to make, or maybe you just grabbed some staples and decided you would figure it out later in the week. Either way, we had a few ingredients we needed to use and I wasn’t quite set on what to make. In a casual browse for some new vegan/vegetarian recipes to try, I stumbled upon this recipe and had to try it! Granted, I changed it a bit to my liking and what we needed to use from the fridge, but next time I will definitely try it using squash!
Tacos sounded delicious, and bonus, I could use a lot of what we had on hand from random grocery buys! I did not have cabbage, a lime, or tahini sauce so I made a (should have been a quick trip) to the store. Side note: I am NOT the primary grocery shopper in this household. I stared at what I hoped was red cabbage for a solid 5 minutes before assuming that if it wasn’t, we were going to pretend it was and eat it anyway. I grabbed a few other things and was ready to give these tacos a try.
I had cut up a sweet potato earlier in the week but hadn’t actually used it for anything yet so I decided it would be perfect for taco fillings. Also, I have never put zucchini in tacos so I voted against that, initially. After a thorough rinse of the cabbage, I realized I had zero ideas on how to cut it. I just sort of went with the flow and hoped for the best. I doused the cabbage slivers in lime juice and salt and left them in a bowl to do whatever they were going to do. I was slightly concerned that the cabbage wasn’t supposed to be cooked, but rabbits seem to be okay and I think they eat raw cabbage? Who knows. Moving on. Not only am I not the primary grocery shopper, but I am also not the chef. So, after getting the cabbage set aside to do ceviche like things with lime juice, I tackled the garlic. Here’s the thing. I use garlic powder, and minced garlic, or have my super handy dandy husband cut garlic cloves for me. But I had no choice but to figure it out all by myself this time. I still don’t know if I did it right but we seem fine and I haven’t seen any vampires, so giving myself an A+ on that adventure.
I put a skillet on medium-high heat with 2 tbsp of avocado oil and let the diced sweet potatoes cook for a while. I then realized the sweet potato was pretty small and since I assumed my husband would also want dinner, I decided to brave it and add zucchini to the tacos. Turns out, that was a BRILLIANT decision. So, kudos to whoever thought of that. I drizzle more avocado oil on the vegetables and turned the heat up a bit more. I really like a nice crisp on sweet potatoes from the skillet so I let them keep cooking and focused on making the tahini sauce. Sadly, I didn’t like the adobe sauce I had bought and it didn’t taste like I wanted it to, so I scrapped that idea. When in doubt, use an avocado. I mixed equal parts greek yogurt and mashed avocado then squeezed a bit of lime juice in it. Basically perfection. And easy peasy lemon (lime) squeazy.
If you aren’t feeling lazy and it’s not 9 PM, throw those tortillas in a skillet to warm them. Otherwise, microwave them between damp paper towels for 45 seconds. I assembled the tacos and added a bit of fresh cilantro at the end. They were FREAKING GOOD. Stop what you are doing, and go make them right now!
I mostly followed the initial recipe I found, but I did make some changes so I’ll just give you an outline of what I did.
1 small sweet potato, diced
2 small zucchinis, diced
2 Tbsp avocado oil, + a little extra
2 cups of slivered red cabbage
1 lime (1/2 for cabbage, 1/4 for sauce, 1/4 for taco filling mixture)
Greek yogurt
Tortillas (or you could sub in rice, quinoa, cauliflower rice, etc.)
1. Chop red cabbage into slivers and place in a bowl. Drizzle 1/2 lime over the cabbage and add a pinch of salt. Mix and set aside.
2. On medium-high heat, cook sweet potatoes in avocado oil til slightly crisp on the outside. Add zucchini after 5 minutes and drizzle a little avocado oil and stir. I let the veggies cook for about 15 minutes but I like them a little crispy. Adjust for your preference.
3. To make the sauce, mash 1 avocado, and add greek yogurt (your preference on amount) and stir until a thick creamy sauce is formed. Add lime to thin the mixture to your liking. You could also use sour cream or regular yogurt if you wanted.
4. Heat the tortillas either in a skillet, the oven or in the microwave between damp towels for 45 seconds.
5. Assemble a masterpiece of delicious tacos and enjoy!
Thanks for stopping by!

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