Runner Safety

First things first – if you haven’t noticed, I am in the process of transitioning my blog to it’s new platform! So please, be patient with me as I try to teach myself a new platform in the same month I upgraded to the new iPhone. Now accepting iPhone tips and tricks. I went from the 6 to the 10 and GOODNESS. Are you smarter than an iPhone? No. No, I am not. I can be a wizard in Spotfire all day. But phones got me like?!?!

Moving right along to the point of this post…RUNNER SAFETY! This has been on my mind the past few weeks strictly because of 3 dogs that were not on a leash.

Let’s start with the obvious. If you are running outside, inside, upside down, all around…be familiar with your surroundings. Noticed a vehicle pass you 3 times during your run and slow down? A pedestrian keeps appearing not so casually on your route if you’re making laps? Turn around. Call someone. Flag someone down. Trust your gut and SPEED UP. I never run with music/headphones outdoors. It’s a personal choice but I like to hear what’s going on around me and I just don’t think I could do that with headphones in or music playing from my phone.

I always run with Mace. It has nothing to do with people. Everything to do with animals. I love puppies more than people. There, I said it. But if a dog starts chasing me, you better believe I’m going all crazy Mace lady if they start to attack. No thank you.

This one seems obvious but it happens to all runners. Check the weather. I have been out on a run thinking the rain was done for the day only to be sprinting home to get out of a storm. Lightning can really help you with your speed work, but it’s probably not the safest motivation.

All the lights. If you’re a late night or early morning runner or you anticipate that the sun will set during your run or won’t rise until after you’ve already headed out ALWAYS BE A BRIGHT SPOT. I could start a blog solely dedicated to the number of people I see running with zero reflective lights, lamp lights, bright colored clothes or anything that indicates they are there in the dark. I have actually had my clip on lights die while on a run and now carry a backup light. Running vests and lights are very affordable and can literally save your life. Go get some.

There are way more pieces of runner safety but for now these were on my brain! So if you’re new or not so new to running, keep these things in mind. And as my Granny always said, ABC, Always Be Careful.

Thanks for stopping by!

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