Skin Care Routine

Let’s just start off with the obvious. I am an Engineer. I have zero qualifications for telling you about skin care. I took a few chemistry classes but other than that, I’m basically no more qualified than my dogs to talk to you about skin care routines. BUT. I do run a lot (hello, sweaty face). And go outside a lot (hey there, sunshine). And wear makeup (sorry, not a lot.) And have skin. So, we’re gonna go with it and call it good.

Recently, I have taken more of an interest in maintaining youthful looking skin. My Granny had the most beautiful skin and she swore by cream from the dollar store. It worked for her. Let’s just hope I got the same skin she did. I will turn 31 this year so I’m trying to be the MOST diligent about my face/neck/hands being well hydrated and all the other important things of proper skin care. Baby steps are helping me for sure. If you’ve ever sat down and read a “skin care for 30 something’s guide” and needed a nap halfway through, or your finger got tired from scrolling, you are not alone. Who knew you needed so many steps to look 20 forever?! Whatever your age, the sooner you start taking care of your skin, the better.

Someone out there is taking the same lackluster approach to aging that I was. So, hopefully, this helps you. For starters, I am awful at drinking water. I have to constantly remind myself to drink water at the office to balance out the coffee. I rarely drink water after running. Even long runs. Yikes. I do drink a few sparkling waters each week but I’m also terrible about opening one and leaving it on the counter for days a time. Oops. So, I’m working on improving that. Don’t be like me. Do better than me. Hydrate from the inside. Constantly. #easiersaidthandone And no, beer does not count.

Makeup Removal/Wash Your Face
I’m also somewhat terrible at this. I’ll sleep in mascara. There, I said it. Especially if I have showered and get re-ready for dinner in the evening. There is nothing worse than remembering you haven’t washed your face or even used a makeup remover wipe right after you lay down completely exhausted from the day. Get out of bed and wash your face. Or better yet, make it a habit and stop being lazy. First off, it’s sitting there clogging your pores while you sleep. Second, your pillow is now disgusting and covered in your day. This could turn even the easiest going person into a complete germaphobe. So, take the few minutes to at least wash your face and take your makeup off. Like I said, baby steps.

I wash my face with a few different types of cleansers. Some are just your basic face wash, some are a bit more specific for preventing blemishes (especially handy after an outdoor run), and I use a cleansing oil occassionally. It all depends on how my skin is doing that day. If you aren’t quite sure which face wash is best for you, get a sample or travel size.

Side note – always remember to wash your face ASAP after sweating. Whatever your form of exercise is, or a hard day of yard work etc. at least rinse your face off with some water. I have the tendency to finish a run at the gym, and then get in the car and drive home. That’s at least 10 minutes of a dirty face. And that’s assuming I don’t stop and run errands on my way home. Keep makeup remover wipes or any type of cleansing wipe safe for your face in your gym bag for this very reason. Especially if you like to rock the straight from gym to brunch look.

Toner/Serum/Eye cream/Moisturize
While I can’t advise you on what skin care solutions are best for you, I will tell you that if you do a little research and some testing of various products, you can find a combination that works for you. Ask your Dermatologist. Ask your Aesthetician. Have a friend with similar oily and dry patches like you? Have they found something great that works for them? Ask them. Be sure to read your products and know how they react in the sun. If something says to use in the PM, trust it. I started using retinol in the last year and have to be extra cautious to make sure I’m only using it at night. No one needs sunburns and peely skin.

I am just now getting into a twice a day regimen of wash/remove makeup/toner/serum/eye cream/moisturize/and facial spritz. Goodness. I’m exhausted just reading that. But, I also don’t get Botox, so I’m doing all that I can with internal hydration and topical skin care products.

I don’t do these things everyday but I do try to work them into my routine. Personally, I don’t find facials relaxing in the least. But, I’m all for doing whatever it takes to keep my skin hydrated, and having someone who knows way more about skin than I do to keep it looking bright and (not) shiny. Plus, I use that day to go makeup free and let my face breathe a bit. Can’t afford a facial? No problem. Add in a few steps like a little steam to open your pores and relax with a hydrating mask. I try to do a mask every few days. Even if it’s just a sheet mask that I can place on my face for a few minutes. I also try to use my Clarisonic to clean my face every few days. I think it’s definitely a great way to REALLY get all the dirt/makeup/oil off your face. But, the brush heads hurt my face so I don’t use it more than 2-3 days a week. I can always tell a difference in how my skin feels though after using it!

Layer this into the moisturize section. But it deserves its own special section. I spent years in a tanning bed and tanning outside. I have sun spots, sun damage, a permanent red spot on my nose from a terrible sunburn, and yet I still go outside without sunscreen slathered all over my body. I’m working on it. But I do use SPF 15-30 on my face every day. Depends on which moisturizer I use that day. Then I rub the extra on my hands. Easy to forget but they will certainly show sun damage if you have neglected them. As a runner, the struggle I have is remembering to put sunscreen on my face, neck, and limbs every time I go for a run. While I don’t sit and count the hours I spend in the direct sun running every year, my tan lines tell me it’s a lot.

As I said, I’m not a skincare expert. But I hope this helps you or at least reminds you to incorporate a few extra steps to take the best care of your skin that you can. It is, after all, the largest external organ of the human body (I took anatomy, does that make me a Dermatologist-ish?)

Side note, a friend told me about The Ordinary skin care line. I have just started using it but a lot of their products are vegan. I’m trying to make more vegan choices in general so I’m super excited to try this line. And it’s also affordable compared to some other skin care lines. So, I’m giving it a whirl!

Thanks for stopping by!

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