Around the U.S. in 50 Half Marathons

I hope everyone had a happy Global Running Day this week! A few months ago, my husband and I decided we wanted to try to run a half marathon in every state! We already enjoy the travel opportunities that a destination half provides, but there are still so many places to run, states to visit, and foods to try! It just seemed natural that setting a goal to run a half in every state would be the best way.

We don’t have a time frame set for this goal and so far we only have 3 states covered. Texas, Georgia, and Arkansas are complete and Massachusetts is next on the list! I won’t lie – I wouldn’t mind slipping a few countries in along the way but we will just have to see where our travels take us over the next few years. Side note, I have never run a race in another country and the only other country I have run in was India! Gosh, what have I been doing on vacations?! Oops.

The planning is critical. Since we live in Texas, there is a pretty solid chunk of time (March-November) that running ANYWHERE else sounds 100% better and way less sweaty. That being said, we are also training at basically sea level so any runs at altitude will take a bit more planning to make sure we are there early enough to acclimate.

We are hoping to choose destination races that include National Parks, major US cities, ocean views, and everything in between!

I haven’t done a ton of research yet, but if you have accomplished this or are working towards this I would love to know which races you loved and which ones to avoid. Any helpful tips would be welcome! I’ll be assembling everything into a guide as I go!

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Image: Pixaby/derwiki

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