RNR: New Orleans

We finally did a RNR race! I have so many friends that have done these all over the country and when we were picking our Louisiana destination we knew it would be NOLA!

I had hoped that New Orleans would be a PR for me, but when I saw the weather in the days leading up to it, I decided to just enjoy the race. I have learned that anything over 60 degrees with noticeable humidity and sun just doesn’t work for me.


The RNR race was hands down the most organized run I have ever done. I will admit, the number of emails STRESSED. ME. OUT. But, by packet pickup and race day I sure was glad I could find everything I needed since the race was so big! We stayed 2 blocks from the start so we got to sleep in a bit on Sunday. #lifehack

Unfortunately, the race did not start on time, but I realize that some things are completely out of control for the race organizers. It was cold and breezy while I waited in the corral. Forty minutes after the race was supposed to start, I was on my way. Oy vey, as my little Granny used to say. Again, I totally understand that they can’t control some things on race day, but standing there for that long was probably more mentally taxing than I was prepared for. I usually eat 1-2 peanut butter crackers before each half…it probably wasn’t enough by that point.

The first 4 miles were fine but I fell apart at a turn around where the sun was bright and I had started melting. Picture a witch that had been doused in water. Full-on melty situation. My tank top felt too thick. My toenails hurt. My heart rate was sky-high. I walked. I figured I could get my life back together and be good to go. FALSE.

I spent the next 9 miles oscillating between a run/walk/what am I doing with my day/sip some Gatorade, while I attempted my 8th half marathon. It was rough, but hey, I made it. I rolled my ankle in a pothole. It seems fine. Hubs and I had completely different temperature experiences. He was cold most of his run. I was not. I was definitely in a slower corral than my fastest half, so lesson learned. I’ll be in that corral next time so even if there is a delay maybe it won’t be SO long.

The course was neat – lots of pretty houses, right past Jackson Square and Cafe du Monde, beautiful trees, old cemeteries, and plenty of good cheerleaders. In my mind, I thought there would be more music along the course. The bands they had were awesome though! There were plenty of water, Gatorade and porta potty stops, and the occasional beer and mini martinis out along the course. I probably should have just had a beverage given how my paces went. The crowd was a lot of fun, and the course was flat as a pancake!

There were times the wind was on full blast and I left with a pretty good tan. It wasn’t my day for a great time but I still had a blast! I would highly recommend this run! Plus, the medal is on a strand of beads…how fitting since the race was only a few weeks before Mardi Gras!!

They provided school buses to get back near the start. Smelliest bus ever! But that definitely beats having to walk a few miles back to where we started.

This was definitely the largest race I have ever done. Are you a fan of the bigger races through major cities or do you prefer the smaller, local races?! Let me know! And what’s your favorite RNR race destination?!

A huge thanks to the friends and family that ran with us and cheered us on!

Thanks for stopping by!


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