Yoga Mats & Hard Hats

A new blog name?! Yes! If you’ve followed the blog for a while you know it started mostly focused on running. Over time, I’ve included race recaps, vegetarian recipes, travel diaries, STEM, and SO much more!

A few weeks ago we were driving home and I took a turn at (we won’t discuss the speed) and CLANK. BONK. CLINK. My husband (who already fears my driving) asked me what I had in the back of my car that was flying around.

Yoga mats and hard hats.

As my blog has evolved from more than just running and vegetarian eats over the past 2 years, it seemed like a perfect fit. My life is somewhere between a yoga mat and a hard hat. I hope you’ll continue to follow along my journey and embrace more of the “everything in between” posts.

Thanks for stopping by!